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Our tabletop web series Novel Chronicles is set in Ben-Tira sprawling world of vibrant cities, euphonic cultures, new opportunities and old-buried grudges — and no gods above nor below.

Jam out to the favourite tunes of the heroes in
Novel Chronicles. Simply click below and enjoy!

Ashvin Hero.png
Iwin Hero.png

A rags to worse situation, a chance accident transformed this sleepy desert-coast fishing village into a sprawling industrial slum.


Artwork by Kevin Laferriere

Greta Hero.png
Hecate Hero.png

Vorinde: The Singing City
Vorinde stands proud on a high bluff overlooking steep river valleys, a polished edifice of culture and history dating back thousands of years.


Artwork by Lauren Lloyd

**Ben-Tir is the creation of Timothy Reese.

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