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Formerly a small fishing village of 200 or so on the edge of the amber sea, Restivarn is now a ramshackle metropolis of 20,000. Recent discoveries of vast mineral resources underground have drawn the eyes of many powers in the area. Once a coastal town, Restivarn now sits at the edge of a gaping cavern in the ground, known as ‘The Pits,’ surrounded by the cracked dried seabed of the much receded Amber Sea.


The city's a mess and tangle of wooden structures like treehouses stacked on top of each other. From The Pits, pipes belch white and black smoke that can be seen for miles. Standing fifteen or so stories in the center is a wooden tower, collapsed and braced in sections, topped by a large glistening bell. The bell tolls at dawn to alert workers that it is time to descend into The Pits.


The town is completely disorganized with almost no order or regularity, not even having properly paved roads. The area reeks of a rotten sulfuric aroma, so thick you can practically taste it and see it in the air. Whether it is caused by the exposed sea bed or the smoke is unclear.


Historically, Restivarn was run by the Alder Council made up of six members as well as the Mayor, currently a man by the name of Kubris Gellitarn. The arrival of The Pits, however, also ushered in the arrival of many guilds, mercenary companies, and other interested parties looking to wrest control of the city and its lucrative resources. 


As powerful forces continue their quiet struggle for control over the city, the stability of Restivarn remains as precarious as its beloved bell tower.

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