I'm Timothy.


Timothy Reese started his career as a journalist for Reuters News, before moving into filming and producing short-form comedies and live-streaming D&D adventures.


He’s the founder of Brooklyn Quarter, and works in New York and Los Angeles as a producer, director, composer, and editor.

I'm Danielle.

Danielle Beckmann is an actor, writer, and creative coach from San Diego, living in Los Angeles by way of NYC. In New York, Danielle appeared in countless Off-Broadway plays, workshops, readings, web series, short films, commercials, podcasts, and musicals.


In 2020, Danielle created the coaching company, The Spirited Storyteller, where she helps creatives get unstuck in their craft.


Danielle has also worked in casting and producing. She produced stand-up comedy shows at New York Comedy Club, Stand Up New York, Gotham, and Carolines on Broadway. Danielle also has been on casting teams for short films such as Interior Teresa, So, then tell me. and Liza Anonymous.